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Melvin M. Kaplan : Real Estate Portfolio Holdings Broker, Chicago

As a part of our ongoing Series of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage related Interviews, WorldWideBroker.Com recently spoke with Melvin Kaplan about his interest and involvement in Real Estate Portfolio Holdings Brokerage. Read on for more...

Mr. Kaplan is a Chicago based commercial real estate broker who has been actively involved in commercial real estate brokerage locally, nationally, and internationally -for nearly four decades. He has formal training and extensive experience in commercial lending, in facilitating negotiations among buyers and sellers, and has a very impressive record of making things happen, and expeditiously.

He has facilitated many large-ticket item Real Estate Portfolio Holdings transactions. We thought it would be interesting to speak with him about his secret recipe -what allows him to facilitate those large ticket R.E. Portfolio Holdings transactions so effortlessly and so quickly.

Read on for Mr. Kaplan's insight on how to make Real Estate Portfolio Holding Transactions happen expeditiously:

World Wide Broker: Mr. Kaplan, thanks for meeting with us today to talk about your insight on what it takes to make a RE Portfolio Transaction happen. What can you tell us about your insight in RE Portfolio Holding Transactions?
Melvin Kaplan: Glad to be able to share my thoughts with your readers. I find RE Portfolio Holdings worth 50 million and higher interesting. I specialize in transactions 100 million or higher, and I do it ALL Cash.

World Wide Broker: Do you broker RE Portfolio Holdings transactions only in Chicagoland area, Midwest, or Nationally?
Melvin Kaplan: Nationally -throughout the US. I have clients all over the US.

World Wide Broker: What you look for in a RE Portfolio Holdings deal?
Melvin Kaplan: The portfolio must be bought for ALL CASH. It must have a positive cash flow.

World Wide Broker: What is it that differentiates you from other Office Complex brokers?
Melvin Kaplan: For confidentiality purposes, I put the buyer and the seller together and arrange for a direct meeting. I ensure that all of the financial statements are sent directly to the buyer. This helps start the process of negotiations right away, while ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive financial data.

World Wide Broker: Any interest in expanding into International Office Building brokerage?
Melvin Kaplan: We plan on expanding into the Middle East, Europe, and China.

World Wide Broker: How can someone get in touch with you?
Melvin Kaplan: Via email (MelMKaplan@AOL.Com) or through my website. They can also call me direct.

My contact details are as follows:

  • Melvin M. Kaplan Realty, Inc.
  • Address: 1400 W. Devon Ave. Chicago IL 60660
  • Email:
  • 773 764-1700 Office
  • 773 764-8227 Fax
  • 847 226-5081 Cell

My website address is MelvinMKaplanRealty.Com.

On that housekeeping note, we thanked Mr. Kaplan and ended this interview.

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